How to install IPA files

What is an IPA file?

An .ipa file is a cracked version of an application (.app). There are two types of files. The normal .app files on your iPod Touch and the cracked .ipa version.

We do not condone downloading these cracked files as they are illegal. The developers have spent their time and effort into these applications so we suggest purchasing them legally from the App Store.

How do I install an IPA file on my iPod Touch or iPhone?

You need to be on a minimum JailBreak 2.0 Firmware. (2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2, 2.1...)

1) On your iPod Touch, go into Cydia then Manage > Sources > Edit > Add.

Enter " without the quotes, then hit Add Source, then Done.

2) Now tap then scroll down and tap on ‘MobileInstallation Patch’. Hit Install then confirm.

3) Once it’s done installing, tap ‘Return to Cydia’

4) Reboot your iPod Touch. Then download at least 1 app from the App Store on your iPod Touch(free or paid).

5) Download a cracked app from HERE to your computer. Open the file and let it install. Then Sync your iPod Touch to your iTunes on your computer.

Note: You only need to do Step 1-4 ONCE. After that you only have to download the IPA files.

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