List of useful iPod Touch Tricks

You bought an iPod Touch and Apple didn't include any instructions. After fiddling around with it you probably think you know everything there is to know. Here is a list of some useful tips and tricks for your iPod Touch you most likely missed. I bet you didn't know at least one of these!

1. Take a Screenshot

Hold the home button and click on the sleep button. The screen will flash white and the screenshot will be saved in Photos > Saved Photos.

2. Save an image from Safari

To save an image from any webpage to your iPod Touch you must hold your finger on the picture until a menu pops up. It will ask to save the image. Your images will be saved in Photos > Saved Photos. This is a great tool to use in our Wallpaper section. You can immediately save a wallpaper image on your iPod Touch and set it as your wallpaper.

3. Mini Music Menu

Double click the Home button while in any application and a mini music menu will pop up. This prevents you from exiting your application to change your music.

4. Easier Typing in Safari

If you’re typing a lot of text in Safari, turn the iPod Touch horizontal and the keyboard will be bigger which makes it much easier to hold and type with your thumbs.

5. Magnifying Glass

If you’ve made a mistake while typing, hold your finger on the text until a magnifying glass appears and slide your finger to your mistake. This makes it a lot easier to see where the cursor will be positioned.

6. Save Video position

If you’re watching a video and would like to stop and continue watching it later, click on the “Done” button. When you go back to that video it will resume where you left off.

7. Quick Insert

When you’re typing, double tap the space bar and it will insert a period and a space to start your next sentence.


8. Top of the Page

To quickly get to the top of a page in any application, tap the “top bar”, where the time, battery, and service bar is.

9. Domain Extensions

When typing a URL, hold down the “.com” button for extra extensions such as “.net, .edu, and .org”. Slide your finger from .com to either one of the extensions rather than lifting and pressing.

10. Fast Forward and Rewind Music and Videos

When playing a song or video, press and hold the forward or back button to fast forward or rewind. Or tap the album art and you can slide the circle to fast forward or rewind.


11. Alternate Characters

While typing you can press and hold a letter which will bring a pop up with different variations of that letter. This is very useful if you are typing in a different language. Remember to press, hold and slide your finger to the character you would like.

12. Domain Shortcut

When you are typing a URL in Safari, you can leave out the “www.” and the “.com”. For example you can just type in “paypal” and it will take you to . This will only work if your search engine is set to Google and not Yahoo.


13. Preview URLs

To get a larger view of a URL in Safari, hold your finger on the link and you’ll see the URL and site name.

14. Tap for Next page

When you’re on the home screen, try tapping the bottom corners to go to the next page. You can do this instead of swiping your fingers across.

15. Column to Fit Page

When you’re browsing websites using Safari, double tap any column to make it fit to your screen. The picture on the left is the website when it first loads and the picture on the right is after you double tap a column.


16. Google Map Zoom

While in Google Maps, double tap the screen with one finger to zoom in. Single tap the screen with two fingers to zoom out.


17. Use your iPod Touch to chat on MSN, AIM, ICQ and more

In Safari, type in “” and sign in using either your MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, GTalk, meebo or Jabber login account. For easy typing turn your iPod Touch horizontal.

18. Video in Slow Motion

While watching a video, pause it and hold your finger on the forward or back button and watch your video go in slow motion.

19. Quickly Delete an Email

To delete an email very quickly in the Mail app, simply slide your finger across the email you would like to delete and then hit “delete”.

20. Rearrange or Delete your iPod Touch Applications

To rearrange or delete any of your applications, hold your finger on any icon until they all start to wiggle. Then move around the icons by sliding them. If you want to delete and application, click on the “X” at the corner of the icon.

Note: You cannot delete the applications the iPod Touch originally came with.


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